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    SilkRoad TradeNet is a Limited Company which is officially established and registered in October 2015 by Finnish Patent and Registration Office in Helsinki, Finland. The main office is located in Helsinki. The information and data of the company available in the Business Information System (BIS) which is a service jointly maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office and The Finnish Tax Administration in Finland.

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    Currently, there are 4 main activities in our company:
    1- Supplying industrial machinery: 
    One of our activity is finding or obtaining (brand new or high-quality second-hand) industrial machinery from various kinds of companies and showing them on our website for the companies and factories need them. 

    2- Visiting companies & International Exhibition Participating: 
    Creating possibilities for the Middle Eastern and Asian companies to visit the European companies and participate in international exhibitions. All information will publish in "News" section on our website or in the telegram channel (Telegram ID: SILKROADTRADENET Co, LTD).

    3- Training, consulting and Commissioning: 
    Our professional team consists of European and Asian professionally educated persons who have a strong background and high skills in food production and laboratory can help to the companies which are going to improve their productions or dissolve their problems. This is also possible to do training by the European companies in the factory.   

    4- Advertising: Each company could introduce itself and show its products in our website. Since our company is an international company and because of so many visiting our website daily by the visitors from different parts of the world, especially from Europe and Asia, advertising creates a chance for introducing relevant companies to each other and to create a bridge for international communication. 

    The main target locations for our company’s activities are European, Middle-Eastern and Asian countries presently. This is the reason why we have chosen the name “SilkRoad” for our company (the ancient and international network of trade routes for businesses mostly between Asia and Europe). Also, all our business activities are done by a network of experts and professional individuals in trade and business fields in the target countries, creating a ‘net’ for business transactions among the various countries and industries, leading to the name “SilkRoad TradeNet”. 
    Amir Mowloughi is the CEO and founder of this company; with a master's degree in the field of Food and Nutrition from the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio – Finland, he has got more than 17 years of experience in food technology as Production Manager, Production Supervisor and Consultant in Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan and Finland. Mrs. Parisa Youssefzadeh Moghaddam  (Amir Mowloughi’s wife) also is a shareholder and a member of Board of Directors in this company.  She is responsible for marketing in Iran, Persian and Turkish countries in the Middle East also. 

    Amir Mowloughi

    Amir Mowloughi

    Parisa Youssefzadeh Moghaddam


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