• Sell your machine (Instruction)
    How to sell your  machines by our website (Instruction):
    Currently, the method of this company is showing the new and second-hand industrial machinery for some kinds of industries like food, chemical, pharmaceutical, Architectonic and agricultural industries from the companies which offer their machines as a seller for the companies which probably need them as a buyer.
    The sellers could login in our company and put all necessary information related their products like name, photos, technical specifications and conditions, model, manufacturing year, guaranty period, warranty (if possible), etc. which should know by buyers.

    The step by step method for offering your machines and show them in our website is as below:

    1-      Login into the company website. If you did not sign up before, please sign up, first. All information and data from the persons who registered and/or fill any online forms in our company’s website are completely confidential and nobody access them (except CEO and related staff)

    2-      Click “User Panel” menu (without login, there is no possible to use “Users Panel”.

    3-      Click “Add New Data”.

    4-      Fill the form and put the photo(s) from the machine in different styles 
    and sides with good quality in JPG or PNG formats. Please note that fill one form for every machine. It means, if you are going to offer 3 machines, please fill 3 forms separately. Choose group and sub-group of the machine, product name, explain all necessary general and technical specifications of the machine, determine your price for our company (This price is the amount which company pay to the seller after selling. The final price for the buyers will specify according to other factors like seller’s price plus tax, VAT, services, company benefit, etc.). Choose the photo(s) from your computer and save them one by one in our website (click “Save Image” for every photo). After saving all photos click “Save/Update”.  

    All the photos and data will confirm by the administrator and in a case of no problem, they will put in a related group and sub-group. The admin will send an email to inform the ads’ publisher to inform him/her after confirming or contact to ask him/her if any question occurs before confirming.   

    The companies which offer some machines, are able to access their data on our website and could edit, add or remove all or part of them. All the information and data of the machines that the sellers put on our company’s website is only to show and our company has no responsible against the explanations and descriptions which sellers put for their products.

    If the person who cannot follow the instruction to put ads on our website, he/she could send the information and photos by below emails and we will put them on our website:


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